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April 20, 2011

INSTALL IDM (internet download manager ) on UBUNTU AND LINUX MINT JULIA.

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IDM ( internet download manager ) is an application used to download file, why use the IDM? Is the browser is not equipped with a download manager?
Web browsers also have their own download manager, but we know if we download a file with the browser's default download manger, download it felt longer. With IDM ( internet download manager ) internet connection will be focused on donloading files so download more faster. don't forget to read prozilla (alternative idm on ubuntu)

If we hear the word IDM ( internet download manager ), we would have fixed on windows application called IDMan because almost everyone knows the greatness of this application. But in addition to download quickly, this application also can be integrated with some web browsers on Windows and also very easy to use .

For users of ubuntu / linux mint do not worry because in ubuntu / linux mint there are also applications IDM ( internet download manager ). There are several well-known download manager in ubuntu / linux mint such as wget, prozilla, aria2, curl and many others. But this time I will discuss about uget. Why I focus on uget? Because uget can be integrated with firefox.

To install uget go to the menu system → administration → synaptic package manager. Search uget then mark for installation and click Apply.

these applications can be found in the application menu → Internet → uget.

To integrate uget with firefox  we need to install the add-ons flashgot. Open firefox, click tools → add-ons. Click the tabs get add-ons and search flashgot then click add to firefox. 
After installing the add-ons flashgot will be prompted to restart firefox. Restart firefox, click tools → addons, Click the tab extensions, the add-ons flashgot click preferences. uget choose a download manager.

Try to download the file and you will find the menu flashgot.

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